How do I apply for FTTH to my complex?

Mail us on and one of our seasoned staff will get straight back to you.

All you would need to include is Complex/Estate Name, unit number and contact details.


Is there any cost for deploying the infrastructure?

Fibre networks infrastructure, CCTV Camera Points and DSTV over fibre points will be installed
at absolutely no cost to the complex, body corporate or owners.

What is Securelink’s Process from Start to Finish?

  1. First Interaction

  2. An Analysis will need to be done. This is the part where we would set up an appointment and determine what your needs and requirements would be.

  3. Scope and Survey Time. We will arrange a suitable time for our infrastructure architect to come scope the layout. Wherever possible, we endeavour to make use of existing ducting and reticulation.

  4. We would provide you with a proposal with our value offering and high-level fibre network design for your estate/complex.

  5. You would receive from us the Grant of Rights; it will take approximately 10 days, on average, from date of the signed Grant of Rights Agreement for the teams to begin your fibre network installation.

  6. A Site Kick-Off Meeting will be arranged to discuss expectations and introduce all relevant parties.

  7. The network build work will commence.

-  ODN (Optical Distribution Network) Build, testing and sign off.

- In home installed

- Build of final fibre optic link

- GO LIVE!!!!

What network architecture do you deploy?

Different network architectures are used on different estates, depending on the estate’s requirements. This would be sent to you in details with your high-level site design.



Do I need to be at home for the ISP installation?

Yes, someone would need to be home for the technicians to gain access. One of the seasoned staff would be in contact
with you to arrange an appropriate time and date that is most convenient.


Who do I call when problems arise?

You would be part of a WhatsApp group designated to your residence. There will always be a technician on standby to assist.


Am I able to upgrade my line speed?

If the need should arises and you need to upgrade your line, you would simple send a request to and provide your details; Complex name, unit number and contact number.